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Gospel Music Artist Says Gospel Music Will Never Be the Same

Am I the only one out there who thinks that a lot of gospel music, especially on contemporary christian radio-all sound the same? Is anyone out there concerned? Does anyone miss the heartfelt worship of Keith Green? I'm sorry, but sometimes when I watch Christian TV, I can't even listen to some of the singers because I just feel in my spirit that they are up there to perform, but not to bring everyone into the presence of our Lord! Am I the only one out there who feels this way? The other day I saw the group "Point of Grace" on the show "Life Today" with Betty and James Robison, and my heart was so uplifted! They simply sing to the Glory of God! Those groups are so limited these days! Is anyone else out there very picky about the music they listen too, and are you ready for a fresh new artist with a new sound who will really uplift your spirit and encourage your walk with the Lord? Does anyone out there love the Lord? Are you excited about 2007? I believe it is not by accident that you are reading this article.I believe that we need music that is going to touch the heartstrings of the body of Christ this year and simply bring many to know Him as Savior and Lord. We need singers who are willing to go to all churches large or small, that name the name of Jesus as Lord, and that won't charge a fee to come, but will just come to usher in the Lord's presence and to be the special music or mini-concert before pastors preach to their congregations. Where are the singers who have been fasting, have inate calls of God on their lives to sing, and have created songs while just playing their piano or guitar in their private times of worship? Where are the singers whose parents told them at any early age: "This is what God has called you to do.

" Why is everything so commercialized now? Why is it that when you go to a Christian concerts jokes are being made about "praying to buddha" and then you hear about known Christian artists whom you have been respecting for years, that confess they were addicted to alcohol the whole time. Where are the true singers who have conviction? I was so saddened recently when I attended a Christian Concert at Knott's Berry Farm where the band did nothing but look at the girls, dance, and talk about "Bono" from U2 like he was God, and then proceed to do all of this in the name of our Lord. Only one guy even talked about Jesus and that was Mr.

Jeremy Camp. He even prayed before he sang. Wow, what a novel concept, do we need to seek the Lord, even though we are talented? Fantastic example Jeremy! You made the night for my wife and I.

We were almost ready to walk out before you came up! Lastly, it's time to stay close to our Lord in 2007. He loves you beyond what you can ever imagine or think. If you don't have a personal walk with Jesus, simply pray this prayer: "Dear Lord Jesus, forgive me of my sins, come into my heart, heal my past, I believe you came and died for my sins, I accept you today as my savior and Lord.

In Jesus Name. Amen." It's time for new music that sounds fresh and different in the body of Christ. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my thoughts about gospel music and how I'm praying for new talent and fresh songs that hit the heart of the body of Christ. The body of Christ is desperate for new musicians who will sing us back into our Lord's throne room. When we find those Christian Singers who touch our hearts, gospel music will never be the same.

Author website Album: die2yourself

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