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Music Downloads Make A Lot of Sense For Kids

Many parents like to give their children the gift of music, but a problem comes in when there's cassettes and disks to keep up with. This, of course, doesn't even begin to cover the issues of keeping up with the players. When all is said and done, exposing children to music of any sort can be a costly venture - especially if you want them to play it at their leisure. This is where music downloads can actually come in as a viable alternative that helps foster a love of music while avoiding a breaking of the bank. Music downloads might seem like a more costly way to go, but when it's all added up, they really aren't. Portable music devices that play music downloads will be the largest investment, but not necessarily as large as a full stereo system.

And, they do come with some serious advantages over regular stereo systems. These include: * Portability. Your child can take his or her music with them anywhere. This is a big advantage on long car trips. * Silence. Since most portable music devices that take music downloads operate using headphones or ear buds, you don't have to "hear" their music when they play it.

Of course, you'll want to make sure they don't have it blasting in their ears, but that's another matter! * Versatility. Many portable music devices that accept music downloads have add on speakers than can enable your children to listen to their music in their rooms while allowing their friends to enjoy it, too. On the go or stationary, the portable devices really do provide more versatility than a regular stereo. There are some other advantages to music downloads and portable devices when it comes to young children and even teens.

These include: * Ability to choose music a song at a time. This can actually be a great money saver. Rather than buying an entire album to get a single song, music downloads allow the purchase of single songs at a time for a fraction of the cost. * Variety of music.

Since there isn't as big of an investment in full albums, music downloads allow children to create their own "mix" of songs that can cover a variety of genres. * Personalized listening. When music downloads come into play, a child or parent, can tailor listening selections down to the very last song. This give you and your child the ultimate ability to screen music. * Responsibility with a back up.

Many youngsters can keep track of their music download players, but they have trouble keeping up with 50 CDs and a player, too. Since the music is stored on the player, these devices make it a bit easier for a child to maintain. Plus, the music is generally available for re-download from the music download site if the player is lost or replaced. This translates to helping teach a child responsibility (in keeping up with the player) without having to worry about the loss of the songs, which can be costly (50 lost CDs). Music has been shown to help children with everything from mood improvements to mathematics. Giving them the gift of listening to their own music can be a costly prospect, but there are great ways to avoid huge investments.

When you look at it a song at a time (with the backup included), the prospect is much less daunting.

Top Three Music Download Sites Reviewed

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