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Pocket Knives Sharpener Tools

Sharpening tool we keep in our home is used for kitchen knives and similar cutting tools, like scissors. Maybe we also have another one to sharpen our garden tools we use here and then. But these are all knife sharpeners that we keep in our home for the tools we use at home.

What about outdoors? If we want to sharpen our pocket knife, we would be in trouble. They are very useful and necessary in some situations, like fishing, and we have to be ready for action. This is exactly why we could benefit from a pocket knife sharpener. These small sharpening tools could often fit our pocket and we won't even notice they are there.

One of sharpeners we can recommend is Gerber sharpener. This is quite efficient and compact sharpening tool for all pocket knives. There are two sharpening groves for use, one of them has diamond coated rods that creates razor sharp edge on your knife. The other groove has diamonds coated rods for aggressive sharpening. This particular tool is very small, light and is quite easy to use. Another sharpening tools we give thumbs up is the Crock Stick pocket knife sharpener that has two types of rods.

We like this one because chefs use it too and it can also serve you well in home, for kitchen knives. One rod serves for reconditioning of the blade while other fine rod is used to finish the job. There are two option to choose from when it comes to angles, from 17 to 25 degrees.

Additional features of this tool are: integral snap in rod storage, special angle for scissors and a hand protector. Now comes the ultimate sharpening tool for pocket knives. It's actually a pen styled tool that has a brass clip going into orange casting. You need to screw this two pieces together to get a fully equipped knife sharpener. This is the smallest tool you can find on the market right now. Take a good care of it because you can easily lose it - it's that small.

The final pocket knife sharpener we would like to recommend to you is the Sterling knife sharpener. It is among best sharpening tools and has a precision tungsten carbide cutting blade. Its size is only 3" in length, which means you can carry this sharpener very easily and without troubles.

With a 1/2 ounces weight, you won't even know you have it with you. Use this little helper to sharpen all blades that you carry outdoors with you. Keep in mind that this Sterling has anodized aluminum body that will endure years of use. One other things you may appreciate on this pocket knife sharpener is that you can easily change the packaging to meet your needs. You probably know that not many sharpeners have this as an option. All tools mentioned here are great for quick knife sharpening outdoors for all sorts of of blades.

Their size and practical design makes them perfect for the task they have. If you are using a pocket knife, one of these sharpeners is a great solution for you.

To find a bit more about pocket knife sharpeners and about diamond knife sharpening, visit our site on knife sharpeners.

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