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Tips On Great Birthday Party Ideas For GrownUps

It's your birthday! But you are not a kid anymore. Can you still have a fun party? Of course! Silly, birthdays are not just for the little ones. But there are a lot of decisions to be made. Some great birthday party ideas to zero down on.

After you have a date, time and place, it is important to narrow down food, drinks and any activities. There are a ton of birthday party ideas that will have you anticipating next year. Choosing a Theme for your Birthday Party When choosing a theme for your party, try to make sure it is something that is easy to do. You don't want to blow your budget because you got too creative and had to go to specialty stores to get your supplies. Another decision to make when choosing your theme is do you want it to be a costume party? More of a masquerade ball or keep it simple and just enjoy the company of your friends as they are.

If you are going to do a costume party, be careful. You don't want your guests to forgo your party because they can't find a costume that fits their budget and taste. Birthday Party Ideas on Sending Invitations A great birthday party idea is to have theme parties. After deciding on your theme, it is time to choose and send invitations.

Be sure they stay in line with the theme. You want the guests to know what to expect. If you are having a costume party, be sure to put that in the invitation. It would be embarrassing for some of your guests to show up in costume while other wore street clothes. Or worse, for you to be the only one who knew about the costumes.

Games - An Important Aspect of Birthday Party Ideas Remember, just because this is a 'grown up' party doesn't mean you can't play games. They can just have a more mature twist to them. Truth or Dare takes on a whole new meaning when played as an adult. Another game you can play is called "Apple of Discord." The guests pair up and hold an apple between their foreheads.

The birthday person tells them to 'jump' 'move sideways' and so on, until one of the couples drops their apple. Who ever is left is the winner. Try this one.

Blow up balloons and cover them with shaving cream. Give each guest a disposable razor. Who ever shaves their balloon without popping it, wins! Food - The Essence of Birthday Party Ideas The food options are almost endless when it comes to chalking out the birthday party ideas for an adult birthday.

Because adults are usually more open to trying different foods that a child would be hesitant to try. Also, they will be more apt to appreciate the difference in smoked salmon and tuna from a can. Go ahead, splurge on the food - it will be noticed.

Good quality drinks are another thing that will be appreciated by your guests. As long as they are all of age, go ahead and offer adult beverages, including beer and mixed drinks. Adding some Vodka to watermelon or strawberries makes a nice treat.

Be sure to advise your guests that alcohol is in the fruit. You don't want someone to end up consuming too much alcohol on accident. The cake is the crowning glory for any party. It should stay within the theme and pull everything together. Besides the cake, make sure the candles are what the theme mandates as well.

Summary: When putting together an adult party, there are some great birthday party ideas. The theme is going to be one of the most important elements in planning. The theme will set the tone for the invitations, food and cake.

Be sure you put information in the invitations regarding the theme, especially if it is going to be a costume party.

Brooke Hayles
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