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Why Acting Shy Kills Your Chances With Women and What To Do Instead

I know, I know. Didn't I just tell you that "being yourself" will attract more women than you can handle? Yes, I did. But there is one scenario where NOT being yourself will help your GAME: when you're being shy.

When you are acting as the "shy guy," you are not truly being yourself. Instead, you are openly presenting your inner fears and failures on a silver platter for all to observe and judge you by. That's not you. When you act "shy", it is a representation of only a small part of you that has grown out of proportion relative to the rest of your personality.

Maybe it's because you got turned down a few times and lost confidence. Or you had an acne breakout, and your confidence went down as a result. Whatever it is, that type of behavior is not representative of your 'true self.' I recently read a book with the 12 personality traits that women find most attractive. Shyness is NOT on the list.

Get the point? You have let a few bad experiences control how you perceive yourself and your value. Big mistake. Because of this, you are not only buying into that belief yourself, but you are projecting that to everyone around you, including the women you want to attract.

You need to rid yourself of negative attitude and begin to be your true self. Here's how you can do that: 1. Sack up 2. Fake it 'til you make it 3. Make mistakes First thing you have to do is scrape yourself off the ground and understand your position. You may have hit a few obstacles, so what? That's what life is about.

If you want to feel sorry for yourself, now is the time to do it. You honestly need to truly feel this emotion attached to that moment. If you are feeling down about your situation, get in touch with those emotions. In my experience, nothing gets sorry and self-pity out of my system than really feeling it deep down.

Once I do that, I can do a clean sweep and fill the void with positivity!. You may not feel absolutely confident, but you know what? I don't care! It is time to fake it 'til you make it. What I mean by that is for you to go out there and talk to women like you are the stud you want to be.

Don't drive the BMW you want to? Then don't show anyone your current car. Not making the money you think you should? Then don't flaunt it. Instead, use your personality traits that are your strengths. Previously, I talked about the 12 character traits that women find most attractive. Confidence was on top of the list.

If you aren't confident at this point, do you see yourself being super confident sometime down the road? Then how do you picture yourself at that point? Now grab that visualization and make it happen. Be that guy today, and it'll shock you at how differently women look at you. So what I want you to do is puff out your chest, walk with attitude, and own the place. That's right. Walk into that bar, and give off the energy that "you are the man." When you do that, none of those superficial worries really matter.

And when you go up to a girl, your aura will be so positive that it can't help but infect her with. She'll feel your aura and instantly be attracted to you. And you'll make some mistakes along the way. You'll probably say the wrong things at the wrong times, trip over your two left feet while dancing, and spill your cocktail on a hot girl. Congratulations, you have just gotten those mistakes out of the way.

The more mistakes you make up front, the less you will make later on. Why? Because you will have learned what NOT to do, that's why. Life is the greatest teacher, and you are the best student around.

Learn from your current mistakes to experience future success. Now you understand that shyness really doesn't reflect your true self. It is just a defense mechanism that you subsconsciously use to hide doubts you have about yourself. And at the same time, it is both consciously and subconsciously stopping you from attracting the women that you so desire. So shed that shyness and let your true self shine through.

Jay is just an ordinary guy looking to be more attractive to women. On his mission, he came across all types of programs designed to "help him attract more women." Want to attract more women? Well, Jay has the answers. Jay has sorted through the junk and has found the programs that actually work. Jay's reviews of dating and attraction programs can be found at

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