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Why Every Band Needs A Keyboard

The keyboard is a multi dimensional instrument. It can mimic any instrument. That includes guitars, saxophone, trumpet and the piano. Keyboardists are adept at changing instruments and adding a whole new aspect to the orchestra. Adding color with quick and unpredictable changes is the job of a keyboardist. The keyboard can also produce sound effects, which are used in dramas and movies.

For example the sound of some one falling or fighting. The earliest keyboard appeared in the third century BC. It was known as the organ. The organ was the only type of keyboard till the 14th century AD. It did not have keys like today but it had levers, which had to be manipulated with the whole hand.

As time went on, keyboards achieved better and better shape. Considerable work was done on the keyboard in the 20th century. Synthesizers developed from 1960's and the moog synthesizers became popular. These gave a boost to the keyboards. The keyboard was produced through working on a small piano.

People wanted a smaller piano with its sound and quality but without its weight and bulk. This led to the electronic piano, which did not succeeded. A modern day keyboard consists of electronic circuits and is able to change and reproduce various instruments. Today keyboards are of 2 types. The professional versions which have many features and the smaller and in expensive ones for kids and amateurs. The professionals call the higher models simply keyboards while the amateur ones are called electronic keyboards.

These amateur versions can be purchased from electronic stores or shops where mobile phones and video games are sold. The keyboards have many useful features. One such feature is the midi out port, which allows the musician to control another device through his or her instrument. This can be a personal computer where the musician can store the played songs for later editing.

This port can also be used to control devices that have no human interfaces. If the keyboard has a midi in port, then it can be controlled through other instruments, midi controllers and equipment that understand the midi standard of message sending. The keyboard has become an integral part of every group today. Not only is it used in music, but also in providing sound effects and auditory cues in drama theaters and movies.

Keyboards are portable allowing the musicians to carry the instrument with him. Finally, it is a package of many. Although one unit it packs the power of many instruments.

S. Stammberger is the editor of Keyboard Vault. A meeting place for bands and music enthusiasts. Find resources, tips, and a shopping guide

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